The Gravel Club: Eker Grus review

Germany’s Gravel Club tested and reviewed the Eker Grus in 2024.

“The Eker Grus is a balanced all-round gravel bike that is fun on trails with its agile handling, but still comfortable on long rides. The frame dampens vibrations and is still stiff thanks to the material and the special processing of the split bamboo tubes. If you are looking for an explicitly lightweight race bike, this is probably not the bike for you. In reality, the weight has not proved to be an obstacle in sprints and on small climbs in the Berlin mountains. This makes the Grus a good choice for anyone who values sustainability and is also looking for a customised bike, as every frame naturally looks a little different.”

Read the full review here.

Gravel Club 03 April 2024

Bamboo bike frame? That’s how good the new eco mountainbike is

German newspaper Die Welt, with a global reach, reviewed the Eker Stark in June 2022.

The reporter Stefan Weißenborn writes that “when in the saddle you never have the feeling that the energy is lost when pedaling. At the same time, the frame is pleasant to ride. Together with the wide tyres, it absorbs a lot of bumps and offers a level of comfort that you are not used to in other hardtail bikes. In short: the mix of the damping properties, the flexibility and efficient stiffness feels successful. And the bamboo look adds an extra effect: wide-eyed passers-by and people who enquire about your bike, is engrained in the vintage-look of the bicycle.”

Read the full article here (in German).

Welt 15/06/2022

If slow food was a bicycle

In the second edition of 2022, the leading Swedish bicycle magazine Bicyling tested the Eker Stark cross country bike. Editor Daniel Breece writes that “we got the opportunity to test this beautiful and unique bicycle, a cross-country hardtail […] It is not as stiff as carbon fibre, but also not as hard and life-less as an aluminium bike. In short, the frame feels different, and living in some way. It gives me an experience I cannot really put into words. But at the same time this could be defining for who the bike is made for. This is the bike for someone who wants something different and unique, something that pops out.”
– The Swedish magazine Bicycling (02/2022)

– We were a bit nervous before the test, but both images and review came out great in the Bicycling review, says Johan Mast, co-founder of Eker Bikes.

Bicycling (02/2022)

On the roll with a bamboo bike

In their 14 February 2022 edition, Swedish business magazine Dagens Industri write about Eker and our bikes. They write that “Eker creates sustainable bicycle frames while introducing reasonable working conditions and inclusion in the workplace in Uganda”.

– It’s great to be covered in the leading business daily and see this as additional proof that there is a great interest in this initiative, says Stefan Krisch, co-founder of Eker Bikes.

Dagens Industri 14/02/2022

Positive review at the start of 2022

In their first issue of 2022, Europe’s largest mountainbike magazine, the German Bike Magazin are reviewing the Eker Stark XC. They write that “the Eker Stark rides surprisingly well and comfortable. We have no concerns about stiffness. […] It steers directly and offers a good climbing position, and the bamboo frame generates enough propulsion even when pedaling with force.”

– We’re very happy that both the laboratory test and the riding review came out so positively, says Stefan Krisch, co-founder of Eker Bikes.

Bike Magazin 1/2022