A different kind of bike
Designed and engineered by
Eker in Sweden.

A different kind of bike
Designed and engineered by
Eker in Sweden.

High performance bicycles with frames handmade from sustainably sourced materials. Our mission is to improve the cycling experience while reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a better society where we work.

Eker models

Swift, strong and elegant. Our bikes are made by hand, all the way from harvesting the tubes to preparing them and joining them into unique pieces of art that is a pleasure to ride.

Eker Stark

Eker Stark is a cross country mountain bike that is swift, strong and elegant. The bike can withstand extremely tough riding in all types of conditions and is equipped with top range components.

Eker Grus

Eker Grus is our gravel bike that combines a light and rigid constructed frame, with top of the line components from premium manufacturers around the world.

Eker Varv

Eker Varv is a commuter bike bike that is swift, smooth and elegant. The bike can be fitted with carriers and mud guards of your choice, and can withstand long riding in all types of conditions.


Eker bicycles can withstand extremely tough riding in all types of conditions.


We harvest the tubes from select bamboo plantations, to give you a unique ride.


Bikes should be all about having fun and all our models will bring you smiles in every ride.

We are looking for partners!

Eker is constantly on the lookout for new and inspiring locations to share our bikes with more people. Get in touch if you have a shop, a showroom or represent a biking community and want to know more about what options are available.

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Unique and hand made bikes

Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel and effectively dampens and reduces vibration. A hand buillt Eker frame will offer you amazing riding in all possible conditions.

Testimonials and reviews

As our bike models are tested and reviewed around the world, we will share the testimonials of their performance with you. Eker Bikes has been featured in:

Sustainable materials

Our frames are made of select pieces of sustainably sourced Ugandan highland bamboo leaving a minimal climate footprint. Our master frame builders creates the frames by hand to create our high performance frames warranted for life.